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Practice Areas

At Haygood, Cleveland, Pierce & Thompson LLP, our practice areas are Civil Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Bankruptcy Law, Personal Injury Law, Tax Law, and Employment Law. As a general practice law firm, we have advised clients about their insurance, probate, trust, construction, workers compensation, social security disability, and estate planning matters. Our attorneys are also skilled in legal mediation and arbitration.

Civil Law
Civil law protects individual written rights that are guaranteed to all U.S. citizens. A civil law attorney has the responsibility of protecting a person's written rights such as the freedom to vote, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of press.

Criminal Law
A criminal law attorney defends a person who is accused of committing a criminal act or criminal offense. Criminal law includes, but it not limited to, alcohol, drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, and white collar crimes.

Real Estate Law
Real estate law involves the purchase, acquisition, and selling of property. A real estate lawyer can help buyers, sellers, or mortgage companies with contracts, deeds, title insurance, or negotiations.

Corporate Law
Corporate law is also referred to as business law. Corporate law attorneys supervise commercial transactions and ensure that corporations act in accordance with state and federal law. Corporate attorneys can help structure or draft business deals and negotiate business partnerships.

Family Law
Family law deals with all family matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, property distribution, and spousal support. Family law attorneys provide representation and guidance during family law matters.

Bankruptcy Law
Bankruptcy is when a person or organization legally files for relief of debt. There are many different types of bankruptcy and bankruptcy laws. Bankruptcy attorneys help clients with their bankruptcy paperwork, negotiate with debt collectors, and represent clients during court appearances.

Personal Injury Law
Personal injury law protects people who sustain injuries due to third party negligence by allowing the injured person to seek monetary compensation from the third party for their injuries. A personal injury lawyer provides legal guidance and representation for personal injury clients. A personal injury attorney can help a client seek financial damages for his/her physical injuries, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Tax Law
Tax law refers to laws and citations surrounding taxation. Tax lawyers must be knowledgeable of tax laws, tax regulations, and government tax policy.

Employment Law
Employment law protects the rights of people in the workplace. Employment law regulates tax representation, discrimination, labor standards, workers compensation, and employees' rights. An employment law attorney defends individuals who are accused of or a victim of discrimination, sexual harassment, family leave, or unwarranted dismissal.