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What does general practice mean?
General practice refers to a firm that has a broad range of practice areas. Haygood, Cleveland, Pierce & Thompson, LLP is a general practice law firm that handles civil, criminal, real estate, corporate, family, bankruptcy, personal injury, tax, and employment law cases for clients in Alabama. Our attorneys can also assist with insurance, probate, trust, construction, workers compensation, social security disability, and estate planning matters.

Can I represent myself during my legal matter?
Yes, you may represent yourself, but it is not advisable. Most people do not have the legal education, experience, and resources they will need to be successful with their legal matter. By hiring a skilled attorney, you ensure that your legal matter will be dealt with efficiently and that your rights will be fully protected.

Why should I hire an attorney?
An attorney can advise you of your rights, inform you of your options, and provide assertive representation throughout the legal process. At Haygood, Cleveland, Pierce & Thompson, LLP our goal is to protect the best interests of our clients. When you hire our attorneys, you can be assured that we will do everything we can to help you obtain a successful outcome for your legal matter. Our knowledgeable attorneys will also help you with complicated legal paperwork and make sure that you are in compliance with Alabama laws.

What is the difference between mediation and litigation?
Mediation is a problem solving process that involves a third party. The third party, such as an attorney, serves as a mediator. The mediator helps the disputing parties come to a mutual agreement so that they can solve their problem together.

Litigation is a legal dispute that is solved in court. During litigation, the disputing parties rely upon a judge's ruling to solve their problem. In some cases, the judge may derive a solution that is not favorable to both parties.

Many legal matters can be solved through mediation. Mediation tends to be less time consuming and less expensive than litigation. During mediation, disputing parties can reach a satisfactory solution that is mutually beneficial.